Why Russia was not responsible for DNC hack

John McAfee: Russia was not responsible for DNC hack

John McAfee: The DNC hack
John McAfee: The DNC hack

Governmental hackers of the first rank always hide their tracks

Important DNC hack news: John McAfee, an American computer programmer and businessman, is the founder of the first commercial security software, McAfee Antivirus. According to him, the evidence that the CIA provided to blame Russia for the hacking of the email servers of Democratic National Committee (DNC) is not admissible as evidence.

The reason he gives is that such evidence is easy for expert hackers to fake. Indeed, he says that hackers, working for governments, go out of their way to hide their tracks and use techniques that can impart blame to any other sources. In short, he says that hackers will never leave their cyber fingerprints all over their hacking unless they are deliberately faked.

Unreliable DNC hacking evidence verified by all 17 US intelligence agencies

The ‘evidence’ verified by all 17 US intelligence agencies all points to Russian involvement – the use of a Russian Cyrillic keyboard, the Internet IP addresses from which the hacks were launched, the time and date stamps that place the hackers in a specific time zone. Moreover, the hacking malware that was used was a year and a half old. Expert hackers, McAfee stresses, would only ever use the latest hacking malware. McAfee says that the Russians, Chinese and American and other hackers, employed by their respective governments, are experts of the highest order, who would never leave that kind of incriminating evidence behind.

Larry King of RT America interviews John McAfee on the DNC hack

Here is what McAfee said to Larry King on RT America:

“When the FBI or when any other agency says the Russians did it or the Chinese did something or the Iranians did something – that’s a fallacy.”

“Any hacker capable of breaking into something is extraordinarily capable of hiding their tracks. If I were the Chinese and I wanted to make it look like the Russians did it I would use Russian language within the code.

“I would use Russian techniques of breaking into organisations so there is simply no way to assign a source for any attack – this is a fallacy.”

In the video interview with Larry King, linked to below, McAfee gives the reasons why he believes that blaming the Russians for the DNC hack is a fallacy.

In any case, since when is the whistle-blower of crimes and serious malfeasance more to blame than the perpetrators? If there was nothing worth revealing, no amount of hacking would have come to anything. Hillary Clinton and the DNC are simply not willing to take the blame or the consequences of their own dodgy actions and have to pass it on to anyone but themselves. Who better to blame than the great big bad Russian bear?

The DNC hack was of great service to the US voter and the rest of the world

Whoever hacked the DNC emails is obviously irrelevant in this matter. It was a great service to the US voter and to the rest of the world not to have the Democrat warmongers continuing in office.  What really matters is that Wikileaks released them and their content has never been disputed. What they told us is that Hillary Clinton actively supported Saudi/Qatar support/control of ISIS, top Democrat, John Podesta, prefers dominos to pizza (code words used by paedophiles), and the aim of the destruction of Syria was solely to further Israeli interests. Small wonder that the DNC is desperate to downplay the damning importance of those revelations by passing the blame on to Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

John McAfee On The Russian Hacking Says It’s NOT Russia! –


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