Bitdefender internet security products 2023

Bitdefender Cybersecurity company

The Bitdefender cybersecurity company, established in 2001, provides several kinds of the best internet security and identity-protection software at fair prices.

Visit the company’s website serving your country to see the full range and costs for yourself – for Home and Business use.

Internet security products for home use

The products for home use  provide internet security protection for fifteen,  ten, five,  three or single devices, depending on the product. The operating systems that most of the products support are Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. If you are looking for the best antivirus for Mac, look no further.

There are currently two products that only support Windows – Internet Security  and Antivirus Plus. Those two products provide a “Secure VPN for complete online privacy, 200 MB/day/device”, limited to 200MB a day per device, which is only one device in their case.

Most of the top products provide an  “Unlimited Premium VPN” for the number of devices that they support. If a product only provides a limited VPN, a separate product – Premium VPN – covers up to ten devices.

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 Free antivirus scanner

For your information, the company also provides a first-rate free antivirus scanner. Using it would provide  superior antivirus protection to Windows Defender, which Windows 10 and Windows 11 use by default. After downloading and installation, to run it in Windows 11, select Start => Settings => Privacy & security => Windows Security => Virus & threat protection. To find it, web-search for bitdefender free antivirus.

Bitdefender Internet Security review

Only review platforms that can actually put cybersecurity software to the test against all kinds of malware are reliable. Expert Reviews tests the software against actual viruses, spyware  and malware, such as the infamous Ransomware. Click the following link to read a review of one of most popular products from Bitdefender.

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Online privacy protection

Given the enormous amount of potentially life-ruining confidence trickery taking place via the web, you can protect yourself by using an online privacy protection solution called Digital Identity Protection.  It allows you to choose your own inexpensive protection plan. Three of the available options for such a personal plan are: “Detect your Social Media impersonators”,  “Monitor your digital footprint starting with an e-mail address and phone number” and “Check if your personal information was exposed on the Dark Web”.

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that the major search engines do not index. Consequently, it is a hive of illegal websites where hackers expose or try to sell hacked information about individuals and business concerns.

How Bitdefender compares against the other internet security brands

Comparing Bitdefender internet security products to other brands

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