Win10 Creators Update – News and problems

The Win10 Creators Update is available for PCs, tablets and phones – News and problems

Win10 Creators Update demonstrationDATE: April 11, 2017 – Microsoft’s official release and slow roll-out of the major Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs.

DATE: April 26, 2017 – Windows 10 Creators Update made available for mobile devices – tablets and phones.

As usual with large updates, the roll-out of the Creators Update is being managed slowly by Microsoft’s servers because it is not possible to update millions of computers at the same time or even over a short period.

Here is a useful article on the Creators Update by Woody Leonhard – August 9, 2017: – 10 tricks to get (and keep) Windows 10 Creators Update running smoothly.

If your Win10 computer(s) do not receive the update automatically DO NOT download and install it manually

Note that Microsoft has blocked the automatic installation of the update on computers that it determines are likely to cause problems. The update is available as a download, but Microsoft’s advice is not to install it manually in order to avoid problems.

Microsoft’s John Cable advises as follows:

“It’s important to note that when customers use the Software Download Site to manually install the Creators Update they bypass many of these blocks.

“Therefore, we continue to recommend (unless you’re an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issues) that you wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update is automatically offered to you.

“When your device becomes eligible for the Creators Update roll-out, you’ll be prompted to make some important choices on your privacy settings before the Creators Update can install.”

Win10 Creators Update problems

Microsoft has advised users that have posted their issues on the Windows Answers Forum to roll back to a previous build if particular problems do not have a solution.

Click on the following link to the Microsoft Community Windows 10 forum to see the kind of problems that are cropping up to do with the update.

Below is a list of problems that users have reported so far [May 5, 2017]:

  1. – Network printers may fail to install on Windows 10 Version 1703 on PCs with less than 4GB of memory
  2. – Some laptop models may boot to a black screen in Creators Update after closing and opening the lid
  3. – The Toshiba Display Utility is currently not supported on Windows 10 Creators Update
  4. – No Internet access after upgrading
  5. – Power Options missing in the Start Menu
  6. – Windows encounters problems with memory management
  7. – Realtek HD Audio (ALC1150) not working, despite reinstalling the drivers
  8. – Mouse won’t work in lower-resolution full-screen apps, restarting the PC freezes it
  9. – Windows encounters problems with available disk space calculation
  10. – Slideshow on Desktop Background & Parent Folder doesn’t work
  11. – The Microsoft Edge Hub stops working – Edge doesn’t let users save or see favorites
  12. – Some Startup shortcuts won’t work
  13. – Windows won’t detect Bluetooth headphones
  14. – Text won’t appear in File Explorer (no folder and file names) or in the old Control Panel
  15. – All programs except “stock” apps and apps from the Microsoft Store won’t appear in the Start Menu after upgrading
  16. – Some apps freeze and close right after they are opened

Win10 Creators Update – New Features

If you want to know more about the new features that the update provides, visit the following link.


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