Microsoft’s new web browser is called Edge

Project Spartan has come up with a name for the web browser that will come with Windows 10, due out in the summer, and eventually replace Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser, which has lost most of its once-dominant market share. The name is Edge. Not in any way a unique name. I would have preferred Spartan, myself. Since it begins with the same letter, the well-known IE icon is to remain.

Microsoft’s vice president of operating systems, Joe Belfiore, described Edge as “blazingly fast” and “significantly faster than its predecessor”.

The new browser provides a notation tool that allows the user to take notes and is further integrated with the voice-activated assistant, Cortana. When a new tab is opened, useful information is displayed – news, weather, etc. Microsoft is creating extensions for the browser and universal apps that function in the same ways on a desktop or laptop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Windows 10 will be released officially in a few months from now free to users of Windows 7 and 8.1 so it won’t be long before we can test-run Edge. Almost everything from Google is spyware, so, hopefully, many users of Google Chrome will prefer using it.

Introducing Microsoft Edge. The brand new browser for doing –

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