How to troubleshoot/diagnose video/graphics card and monitor problems

Troubleshoot monitor and video card problems –

“Display problems are among the most common difficulties people have when upgrading either Windows or their computers. Here are solutions to some common display problems.” – The following page on Microsoft’s site says “Applies to Windows Vista”, but the information is relevant to any version of Windows.

The following questions are answered:

1. – How do I determine what is causing my display problem?
2. – How do I find out what kind of video card my computer has?
3. – What kind of monitor do I have?
4. – Why does my monitor show only limited resolutions?
5. – Why am I seeing horizontal lines, flickering, or other strange interference on the screen of my CRT monitor?
6. – What is DirectX and how can I troubleshoot it?
7. – I’ve changed the resolution of my monitor, and now I can’t see the display.
8. – Why does the text on my monitor appear blurry?
9. – How do I set up multiple monitors?
10. – Why do I get an error when I use different video cards for multiple monitors?
11. – Can I change the brightness and contrast of my monitor?

On the right-hand side of the page are links to the following information:

1. – Getting the best display on your monitor
2. – Correct monitor flicker (refresh rate)

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