How can I remove the DRM copy protection on the music tracks purchased from Nokia so that I can play them on an iPod and burn them to a CD/DVD disc?

PROBLEM: I bought some music tracks from Nokia’s online store. I want to transfer them to my iPod. Unfortunately, all of the tracks are in the WMA format (myfile.wma) and are DRM-protected. Is there any way to remove the protection so that I can use these files anywhere, including burning them to a CD/DVD?

ANSWER: There are applications that will remove the protection from DRM-protected WMA tracks but it is illegal to do so. At the time of writing this, most other music stores had started to sell DRM-free tracks, but Nokia had yet to do so. The company is rumoured to drop DRM in 2010, but you will be stuck with your DRM-protected music tracks unless you want to take the illegal route and remove the protection (to find free applications, enter drm removal freeware in the search engine of your choice. I would just buy music downloads from a DRM-free store, such as or iTunes. Amazon is best, in my opinion, because the files are not DRM-protected and its MP3-file (myfile.mp3) downloads play on anything, whereas, as usual, Apple only uses its own AAC format.

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