How can I fix my slow unresponsive Samsung Galaxy Android phone?

PROBLEM: Generally but particularly when viewing or navigating the homescreens, my Samsung Galaxy smartphone that runs the Google Android operating system has become annoyingly unresponsive. After pressing the back button to quit an app, I often have to wait about a minute until the homescreen gets redrawn and then responds to taps. It has reset a couple of times and I have lost my cool quite a few times and held the power button down until it shuts down. Sometimes a message displays saying that TwLauncher, whatever that is, has stopped responding.

ANSWER: TwLauncher is used by Touchwiz, the touch interface used by Samsung smartphones that run various operating systems, including Google Android. There are reports on the web of it becoming so unresponsive that the phone is unusable.

To fix the problem requires resetting all of the homescreen data to the default settings that were set in the factory. If you have customised the homescreens to the way you want them, take screenshots or make notes so that you can recreate the way they were.

Now press the menu button and tap Settings => Applications => Manage applications to view the installed apps. Next, tap All, scroll down to TwLauncher to view its properties and tap the Clear data button, followed by OK. Tap the back button to go back to the homescreen and restart the phone in the normal way. It should now be more responsive. However, if the problem remains, the next step is to reset the phone, which takes it back to the state it was in when it left the factory, which involves overwriting the entire Android system and all of the user’s personal data, so the first step is to make a restorable backup that can get you back to where you left off.

There are plenty of how-to articles on the web on how to do that most of which can be found by using a search query such as: reset an android phone. Here is one that I found that takes you through all of the required steps:

How To Completely Erase and Reset Android Phones – A Comprehensive Guide –

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