PC/computer hardware diagnostic flowcharts

Using diagnostic flowcharts to diagnose and fix hardware problems with PC components

As you can see from looking at any of the diagnostic flowcharts made available from the following link, there are no photo-illustrations or explanations of basic computer functions. The intended audience is the hobbyist or technician who already has some experience of repairing computers.

The book that the flowcharts are drawn from provide no illustrative images or detailed information on the PC hardware components of the kind provided by PC Buyer Beware! Therefore, the user must have plenty of knowledge about computers in order to be able to follow them successfully.

If you can understand a particular flowchart, it would be a good idea to print them just in case you can’t boot your computer and you need the information.

Example: Video Card and Display Diagnostics – http://www.fonerbooks.com/video.htm

There are other diagnostic flowcharts covering the these other PC components: power supply unit (PSU) – motherboard – processor – RAM memory – hard disk drive – CD/DVD failure – sound card – networks.

Here is the page that provides links to them:


The flowcharts come from a book called “Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts – Third Edition”. Only the linked charts are available online; the others are only available in the book, which is available as a PDF document.

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