Common hard disk drive (HDD) problems

Solutions to common hard disk drive  problems – Click the links to go to them


1. – My 5-year-old desktop PC’s SATA hard disk drive failed and I replaced it with a 1TB SATA drive, but on booting it gives this error message: “Hardware BIOS Initiate Failed, Press ‘G’ to continue”

2. – Windows can only see 137GB of my 250GB IDE hard disk drive

3. – I partitioned and formatted my new hard disk drive, but a message just says there’s no operating system

4. – I ran benchmark tests on my IDE hard disk drive, which say that the drive isn’t running at full speed

5. – A problem with an old IDE hard disk drive and a new SATA hard disk drive running from a PCI SATA adapter card

6. – Why can I only create four partitions on my hard disk drive?

7. – How can I transfer the contents of my entire old SATA hard disk drive to the new one so that Windows 7 boots from the new drive?

8. – Can I use an old IDE hard drive in my new PC that only supports SATA hard drives and CD/DVD drives?

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