BBC fake news: Solid proof that BBC is in the fake news club

Here is solid proof that the BBC is well and truly in the fake news club

BBC fake news - Warning: fake news outlets.
BBC fake news – Warning: fake news outlets. Click on the image to view its full size

BBC fake news – Free speech is under unprecedented attack in the West

BBC fake news is very real and this article provides the latest proof.

What is happening to the media now is of vital importance to what is left of freedom of speech in the West and the well-being of every avenue of life on earth.

Free and valid expression and investigative reporting is now coming under unprecedented attack from the establishment-owned mainstream media. It is attempting to censor or ban anything that it doesn’t agree with or that exposes its malfeasance (and much worse), conveniently labelling it as as ‘fake news’.

Is anything that comes from people of this sort trustworthy?

BBC: “Help us stop conspiracy theorists”

Read the following BBC article on helping to stop conspiracy theorists and then watch the YouTube videos showing plenty of proof that the Sandy Hook school ‘massacre’ was a real hoax (false-flag operation).

Therefore, the BBC obviously considers the ‘massacre’ to have been a real event in spite of the huge amount of solid evidence that proves the opposite. Would anyone feel inclined to place any trust whatsoever in such an outfit?

Moreover,notice that the BBC’s blog on its website,, does not provide readers’ comments. This means that whenever the BBC produces an initiative of this sort, it is not possible for anyone to provide criticism it where it appears.

BBC Trending – Sandy Hook to Trump: ‘Help us stop conspiracy theorists’ [April 2, 2017] –

BREAKING: Sandy Hook a Conspiracy WITH LOADS OF PROOF! –

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax –

In my opinion, what is taking place here is way, way beyond despicable. This is what the UK’s national broadcaster – the BBC – that all UK households pay for via the licence fee has been reduced to – a globalist propaganda outfit engaging in attempting to take down genuine investigative reporting that provides plenty of supporting evidence, labelling the genuine people who produce it as mere “conspiracy theorists”.

Google is censoring valid investigative reporting

The image below shows the warning that Google produces when anyone wants to view the first YouTube video linked to above.

Google community warning of inappropriate content
Google community warning of inappropriate content. Click on the image to view its full size.

In short, the more Google warns against or restricts viewing investigative-reporting videos of this sort, the greater the importance that you watch them. Note that Google removes videos that incite violence or that promote terrorist organisations. It does not show a warning message of the kind shown above. Videos of the Sandy Hook kind are not inciting violence or aiding and abetting terrorism, they are merely exposing real fake news and elaborate hoaxes that aim to achieve certain globalist political ends.

Users of proven longstanding integrity who use Google, Facebook and Twitter are having their accounts cancelled or restricted because they are considered as being purveyors of ‘fake’ news.  Therefore, those globalist-supporting social media, along with the dying mainstream media, are now the biggest enemies of free speech.

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