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Video-editing and parental-control software

Video-editing software

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum review – Review Date: 26 Feb 2014 – Priced at only £60.00 in June 2011, this is probably the best video-editing software for most home users. Certainly it’s better than Adobe Premier Elements 12, which was priced at £73 in November 2013. –

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 from and computer retailers is the king of video-editing software and it has a price tag to match (around £810 in April 2012).

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 review –

There is now a cloud version called Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud) that is available for a monthly subscription of £17.58. –

Photo editing masterclasses –

Parental control software

Parental control software allows parents to regulate how long their children spend on the web, blocks websites known to be harmful or unsuitable for children and allows parents to find out what their children have been viewing.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8 provide parental controls. They have changed markedly in Windows 8. Here are two useful links to relevant pages on Microsoft’s website:

Parental Controls – Windows 7 –

What’s New in Windows 8 Family Safety –

Third-party solutions are available that are free or paid-for. Bitdefender Internet Security that costs around £16 provides good parental controls.

The Best Parental Control Software for 2021 –

Best free parental control software –!NYDbw

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